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The Brick Testament


I have so many questions.  Estimated man hours?  Total cost of Legos?  And most importantly, WHY?  WHY ON EARTH?

I’m very torn.  The brilliantly creative (and quite insane) Lego illustrations of Biblical events is something to behold.  But the mocking, juvenile tone sprinkled with a clumsy, irreligious bent…  Well, that’s something else.  The “Epistles” section is particularly ham-handed.  I know, I know, what was I expecting?  Judge for yourselves.  In any case, the Garden of Eden is certainly worth a look.

Actually, I do have one other question.  When can we expect the “Reverend’s” wacky and irreverent send-up of the ever-popular Qur’an?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

The Brick Testament

Finally, a freebie for the sickos.  Merry Christmas, you scary people, you.

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