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The Carthaginians


It seems like I miss all the great stuff coming out of my part of East Texas until well after the fact.  In this case, it took a movie release for me to become familiar with the story.

Carthage, Texas is in a lot of ways the deepest of “Deep” East Texas (I was born not too far from there).  It’s a fairly small town, and as you’d expect, pretty conservative both politically and socially.

How then does one explain good, upstanding folks who believe in God, law, and order… advocating in favor of a man that repeatedly shot an elderly woman in the back with a .22 and stuffed her body in a deep freezer?  We’re talking near unanimous support right down to the local Methodist minister.  Okay, so it probably didn’t help that the victim was wealthy, somewhat unfriendly, and generally unloved in Carthage.

Take a look at the really excellent (and now pretty dated) Texas Monthly piece chronicling the events that inspired the recent movie “Bernie.”  It’s an unsettling little exploration into just how much people will overlook in what they perceive to be  “good” people.

Another mildly interesting item to note here is that Matthew McConaughey (who plays exasperated real-life D.A. Danny Buck Davidson) grew up in nearby Longview, Texas.

Texas Monthly – Midnight in the Garden of East Texas

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